Reaching Out 2 The World

Day # 8 !!!

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Today was a day of yummy food. For lunch we went to the Biscuit Mill which is like a huge food market with many many different types of food. I was torn between a lot of things so I ended up splitting a couple things with some other volunteers. Jenna got a chicken pita wrap and I got a Kudu burger. A Kudu is a large antelope found here in South Africa. It tasted sooo good, and the chicken pita was yummy as well. I considered going with the Ostrich burger but I think I’ll get that next time. Desserts were equally as appetizing and featured pastries from all over the world. I went to the Belgium station to have my dessert!! Unfortunately, this amazing market is only open on Saturdays and possibly just every other Saturday:/. For dinner tonight we all got together to have a nice big BBQ or as they call it here, a braai. This was pretty similar to what we would have in the states and we all stuffed our faces in the typical BBQ fashion. Ended the night with ice cream and then spent loads of time write and addressing postcards. Please please please let me know if you received a postcard from me because I’m very worried I did something wrong while addressing them. The pictures included are of the Kudu and of the Braai we had tonight. Tomorrow I have an early wake up call because I’m finally going to meet my host family and start my teaching on Monday. I’m a little nervous but really excited. I’m also a little sad because I’ll be leaving all these awesome volunteers that I’ve just gotten to know so well. Hopefully I’ll be seeing them soon enough though, we’ve already started planning our next trip. It includes the worlds tallest Bungee Jump, more wild animals and paragliding =) I’m not sure when the next time I’ll have internet will be but I hope everyone back home is well and I’d love to hear from you!!


One thought on “Day # 8 !!!

  1. SOOO excited for you to meet you host family and the school kids!

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