Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 7

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Hi all. Today was pretty glorious as I had very few responsibilities. Unfortunately because I left on that 3 day tour, I lost my nice bed and got the top top bunk instead. It’s a very thin mattress with only a few slats.. this resulted in me waking up with my bum sinking through to the bottom bunk. Go ahead… picture that, it’s as funny as it sounds. Anyway, I finally got to sleep in which was really nice. I tried to upload some videos onto Facebook (and this site for that matter) but it just wasn’t working. I had videos of all the animal encounters too! ahhh I wish you could see these… I’ll keep working on it. I did accomplish some things today. I traveled through Cape Town acquiring mini buses all by myself today 🙂 I bought a Springbok jersey today. As you probably know, rugby is super huge here and the world cup starts today, I think. I also bought 30 stamps so I can send all of you your awesome postcards. We had a nice lunch and learned some places were we can go and eat some game food (aka elephants, crocodiles, ostrich, hyena, shark, and loads more). The place is call, Mama Africa. I bought a cell phone today so I could communicate with the other volunteers and people I meet while I’m here. Cost me like 10 bucks haha. The picture on the left is of the drums we used in our evening drum lesson. It was really fun and pretty tiring. I have a video of that too… 😦 One really cool thing is that I talked to the drum master guy and we exchanged numbers. He said he’d be willing to come to my township and bring 25 drums and spend the day with my students. I just gotta pay for the travel. Not sure what that’ll cost but I’m sure It’ll be worth it. So that was all for today. I found out how to get onto the roof top of our hostel… not sure why it took a week for me to figure that out..? Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the underwater pictures of the shark diving. I hear the rain has been relentless back home. Sorry to hear all that, and hopefully you guys aren’t too flooded out. You are all welcome to join me in Africa! I’ll even pick you up at the Airport and show you around 🙂 Take it easy everyone and we’ll be intouch.


One thought on “Day 7

  1. Sully! I just witnessed DC’s drum circle today. They play at Meridian Hill Park every Sunday. They have been doing this for over 40 years. It was so cool and while I was listening, I was thinking MAN, Sully gets to experience the real thing.

    Maybe when you return, you can come and give us city folk a run for our money. 😉

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