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Finally Made it to Day 3


Today, Thursday, was the final day of the tour. It started at 5:30 am! Ughh I will never get used to waking up that early. The reason we woke up so early was because today we did something extra special. I did a personal experiment! I was scientifically testing to see what Great White Sharks preferred… Breakfast from an American or Breakfast from a Norwegian. Turns out they really had no preference, and they really went for anything. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I went swimming with Great White Sharks today! They are so different in real life. They almost seem gentle, I think that makes them more scary. We had about 8 sharks of all sizes swim around us. Don’t worry, I was in a cage… but I could reach my arms through 🙂 I bought an underwater camera so once those pictures are available I’ll see if I can post them. I did get a couple short videos and I’ll post the picture I have but it’s nothing compared to actually being there. The largest one we saw was a little over 4 meters, but most were closer to 3 meters. As the morning went on it became much windier and a the waves got pretty huge. If you know me at all, it’s right around now I started feeling sick. Things were okay until we called it quits and they pulled the chum back on board… right next to me. I figured there was enough chum on board so I took the initiative to evacuate mine. Sorry if that’s too graphic. Anyhow, I felt much better and we were heading home so things were great when all of a sudden!!!! We saw a WHALE and it waved to us! I got a picture but I don’t want to overload this blog site. Regardless, after the boating trip we took showers and were on our way. The next stop was visiting the penguins 🙂 When we arrived at Betty’s Bay I really didn’t know what to expect. I was so surprised at how many wild penguins roamed some of these beaches. They are so cute and I would have picked one up but Isaac told me last second that they could very easily bite a finger off. I was still very temped though. You know when you talk to a talk and they turn their heads in a questioning manner… penguins do too!! The only difference is they waddle haha. It was really really windy when we were there too which was hilarious because they were blowing over when they tried to stand up. The next stop on the tour and our last stop before heading back to Cape Town was the Cheetahs. Now there are many places in South Africa where you do encounters with animals so this will not be my last! I’m still hoping to play with the baby cheetahs in a week or so. The cheetah I got to meet has been on the farm since birth and is very used to people. Like most cats he likes his belly rubbed but he also likes to play. The difference is that when a cat scratches you you get a small scratch… maybe a cut. If a cheetah scratches you… you’re in trouble. While I was petting him he kept rolling over to play but the expert lady was very worried that things would get out of hand so I had to keep coming back to the cheetah. It was really cool though and only cost R100 (aka $13). I’ll be hoping to meet some other animals in the weeks to come. This tour was an amazing time and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow for the first time in over a week. Things have changed a little more and I’ll be officially going to my host family at the end of this weekend. Tomorrow is a recovery day, and I think I’ll buy a Sim card so I can make some calls. I was also given R300 to buy some more presents for my students, so perhaps I’ll look into that. Hopefully my internet isn’t too slow so I can upload the rest of the trip pictures. I miss you guys and I love hearing from you. Sorry again if I don’t respond to all your emails, but I am reading them, and I love hearing from you guys. Sorry about the rain you guys have been getting :/ Take care and I’ll post soon!


2 thoughts on “Finally Made it to Day 3

  1. Sharks, penguins, and cheetahs all in one day! Yay South Africa! It makes me want to go back….

  2. You should come back! You still need to go Sky diving here!!

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