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Day 2 Stellenbosch to Hermanus


Day two was extra special to me because the very first thing we did was visit the township where I’ll be living! We woke up and headed to Kayamandi, where we met up with our local guide and new friend Vuyo. He taught us the ins and outs of his township as a few key words in his language of Xhosa… <- I still can’t even say the name of the language let alone any phrases. This will be my home for the next three months and I couldn’t be more excited. Imagine a neighborhood of 50,000 people where they are all your apart of one big family. As we talked through the town, Vuyo knew every single person we walked past. When the children saw us (we kinda stood out being the only white people in miles) they would come running. They would sing, “A teacher, a teacher!” One little boy actually actually crawled through a barbwire fence just so he could greet us with a hug. These kids are so freaking cute! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to see my host family even though I was so close, but Vuyo told me she was really awesome and I’d love it. Seeing as he lives in Kayamandi I’m sure I’ll be hanging out with him a lot. Isaac also told me that he was planning on visiting me on Tuesday! After we left Kayamandi went to what Stellenbosch and surrounding area to go visit the wine fields. We had lunch in the beautiful town of Franschhoek and did some wine and cheese tasting which was pretty nice. We had the option to visit more vineyards but we wanted to head to Hermanus so we could do some more whale watching 🙂 We again listened to more American music which everyone loved, of course. We first went to our hostel when we arrived and dropped our things off. Our hostel was sooo sick and had an amazing view of Gordons Bay. The girls got some ice cream and we spotted up along the coast line to view some whales. A local heard us speaking English and came over to talk to me. He talked my ear off. All about politics and Democrats vs Republicans. He referred to me as a ‘Yank’ and asked me to give my regards to the Obamas but not the Clintons. He may or may not have been homeless. I talked myself out of the situation and wondered down the coast line. There was a young guy who there who looked as if he was going to rock climb down the cliffs. Of course I had to look into this! When I asked him what he was up to he explained to me that he was apseiling, repelling down a cliff. He had his own little company that he would teach people how to do it. I asked him if I could do it for free and he said I could the following day but he was closing up for today. I started talking to him about rock climbing and that’s when he noticed my Vibrams. We talked about meeting up later to go bouldering around the cliffs but our conversation shifted when I brought up cliff jumping. His face lit up and he was very excited to tell me that not only is there a place to cliff jump but he would take me there right then! I told him I was interested but I had to see what the girls wanted to do. We decided to buy groceries for dinner and then meet up with Teshus (the apseling/rock climbing/cliff jumping dude). We met up with him around 5:00 and walked the 15 minute scenic walk to the jump site.  The cliff was 20 meters high and was into the same water with the sharks and the whales! The jumping was the easy part but getting out was kinda difficult. The waves were crashing into you as you tried to rock climb your way out. The Vibes came in great for this. We got a lot of good pictures and even a couple videos of this that I’ll try and post to fb. Overall it was an awesome experience and just goes to show… it’s better to ask then never know what you could have done. That night the Germans made dinner with the help of the Norwegian. The electricity was having some trouble staying on cause they kept blowing the fuse. Eventually they made some sort of chicken and rice… the salad was great though! Had to get to bed early for an early rising. End of day two. Again, feel free to ask questions or send me your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 Stellenbosch to Hermanus

  1. “The salad was great though.” You’ve changed so much already.

    • He grew up in the matter of days. Impressive that it took him less than a week to find a place to go cliff jumping.

      Sully – do you speak whale yet?

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