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Day 1 of the 3 day tour around the Southern Peninsula


This trip started on the morning of Sept 6th at about 8:00 am. Which is 2:00 am back home (I’m starting to get used to the time change though). Our driver’s name is Isaac and he turned out to be the nicest person I’ve met thus far. He was pretty funny and super accommodating which made the entire trip really enjoyable. Alright here goes day one… It’s a lot so good luck keeping up and it may be worth googling a map for your orientation. I’ll post just a couple pictures on this site and then the rest on fb. Thanks for following 🙂 Feel free to comment and ask questions!

We departed the STASTS hostel Tuesday morning, located at Sea Point, and headed to Hout Bay. You have to understand that the entire trip we drove along the coast line and there is nothing else like it. Breathtaking cliffs, stunning blue ocean, and tons of various animals along the roadside. In Pa we see a lot of deer along the road, whereas in South Africa its Baboons and Ostrich! Our driver pointed out to us a wealthier town with Cliffton Beach which apparently is the #2 beach in the world?! He also showed us where the locals park so they could watch people sunbathe nude haha. Oh I should also mention that along for the ride was 6 other girls. 5 of them German, and 1 Norwegian. Fortunately for me they all spoke English and there was hardly any language barrier. It was actually kind of fun trying to get some things across to them or decipher what they were talking about. Anyways, once we got to Hout Bay we boarded a boat and headed to Seal Island. This island is home to more then 10,000 seals! There was one King seal that stood out to me. I declared him king because of his size. Had to be half a ton, easily. This Bay is also a prime location for surf competitions and I think because of its location, sharks don’t venture over. We left Hout Bay and continued south. We swung by an ostrich far and I got to hand feed one. The women are really aggressive eaters and bite at your entire hand when you hold it out. The male ostrich just took it gently… go figure. I was lucky enough to catch on film a male doing a mating dance! There was a tourist there (not sure where from) and he was also trying to feed the ostrich. When the ostrich bit his finger he pulled back and slapped the poor ostrich right across the throat! Isaac gave him a talking to. Next stop was the Cape of Good Hope. This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too. We hiked all around the tip of the peninsula and had lunch at the top of the cliffs. The view was unreal and we could see whales in the distance. While there we saw some little animals that looked like a muskrat. They weren’t scared of people at all! My legs and feet were killing me at his point because the day before we had climbed Lions Head and this trip was proving to be a huge hike as well. We spent some time exploring the Cape of Good Hope (it’s called this because European travelers would see this and know that they are just reaching the tip of South Africa were they can make the turn and venture up to India!). We left Cape Point and headed towards Muizenberg. This is the place to go if you want to surf but… False Bay is also where all the Great White sharks are! Isaac bought us ice cream here which DOES taste different, but it’s hard to describe how. Traffic permitting we were supposed to go meet some Cheetahs next but it didn’t work out..yet. One of my favorite parts of the trip was scenic driving. Not only were the views incredible but we also learned a lot about each other. We took turns buying different snacks, mostly cookies, that originated from our homes. So I ate a lot of German pastries and they got Oreos haha. Along with that we listen to my ipod the whole time. They loved American music and I introduced them to Third Eye Blind, The Format, Brand New, Cartel, and lots more of my favorites. Helene (from Norway) actually knew a lot of my music. Isacc liked the music so much that as soon as we got to the hostel he went to work trying to copy it off my ipod onto his flash drive (it didn’t work, but I hooked him up once I got back to my own computer). We stayed in Stellenbosch for the night and got a chance to check out the town. Like everywhere else, it’s beautiful. The place we had dinner was so cool because it was outside but had a vine rooftop. The hostel was also unique in the way that it went from being indoors to outdoors without actually having… doors. Does that make sense? It just flowed from inside to outside. Our rooms had doors with locks though. We did go out to a place after dinner, just for a drink and we got a hookah too. Really cool place. One thing about Stellenbosch is that it is a college town. So there are a lot of University students in the area, all of whom speak Afrikaans (this is a dialect that comes from the Dutch). Alright this is the end of day 1. I’ll leave you with a picture from where we had lunch 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of the 3 day tour around the Southern Peninsula

  1. It sounds like you’re having a great time over there! Good to hear you’re spreading TEB to your new friends! Be safe when you’re doing all your crazy stunts!

  2. The views were always my favorite too.

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