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Off The Beaten Path

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So today was awesome. I woke up and was taken to City Bowl which is the center of Cape Town. We had our orientation day start today. So after watching a short video on SASTS we learned a little more about our placements. That’s when I found out that I’m not going to my host family until Friday and starting my Placement on the following Monday. I also found out that when I signed up for this project I also got a 3 day tour to Stellenbosch, Kayamandi, and Hermanus. Along the way we are visiting the wine vineyards and doing some tasting, touring a township (actually the one I’ll be working in), and then going to the furthest point south in South Africa, where we’ll swim with great whites, play with penguins, and other awesome things. So I’m leaving for that Tuesday morning at 8am and won’t be back till Thursday sometime… It’ll be quite the update I’m sure. Anyway, back to today. The rest of the orientation we did a walking tour around Cape Town and learned all about the Apartheid, Nelson Mandela, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was pretty interesting but you know how I am with history… I took some cool pictures and got to see some awesome things. After the tour we decided we wanted to hike up Lions Head. It’s hard to describe in words how amazing this was because of the sheer beauty and awe of this place. As you climb you have the most awesome views of Cape Town with the surrounding oceans. To make things better, my buddy Sean and I decided that rather then sticking to the much traveled path (which was difficult as is) we were going to go straight up the mountain. Wait till you see the pictures because it was soooo sick. It ended up being a rock climbing mission that could have resulted in death very very easily. We started going up with the intention that if it was too hard then we would turn around. However, neither of us are the type to give up and turn back (that’s just such a waste! Must more onward!). It may or may not have been the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done in my life but we made it to the summit just in time for the sun set and the chance to make some amazing pictures. So cool! We hiked down in the dark on the “hard path” which was actually kinda difficult… especially with it being dark. But when you see the pictures you tell me if it was worth it or not!

Jumping off into the sunset


One thought on “Off The Beaten Path

  1. No way. I think I saw something called Lions Head in Scotland.

    PS – Judging by the pics, Sean looks like he is just like you. I’m scared of what two Sullies equals.

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