Reaching Out 2 The World


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So tomorrow is the day. Words can hardly describe the feelings I have right now. I really have a lot to do still… starting with laundry so I can pack for this trip! Also still need to go out and buy a lot of stuff. Wish me luck cause I think I may go insane today. Yesterday was pretty awesome, I got to visit a lot of awesome people that care a lot about me and say my good byes. I miss you guys already. I thought the car ride home was long so I dunno how I’m gonna handle this plane ride. Well, so much more to do today, I kinda wish I was planning on playing ultimate frisbee later with everyone but I suppose I oughta be taking care of other things. The plane leaves tomorrow at 11am so if you want to talk to me via the phone be sure to do so before then. If you think you want to email me while I’m gone I’ll be using the email, Can’t wait to hear from you. Take care everyone 🙂


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