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Volunteer South Africa


Welcome to O’Sullivan’s Travels!

In September, I will be traveling to South Africa and staying in a town just outside of Cape Town. I’ll be there for 13 weeks and while I am there I will be placed in a school where I can help assist in studies. The program I will be working through is SASTS . The program is through BUNAC, a non-profit organization that helps facilitate work and volunteer programs.

Throughout the coming weeks and months I will be updating this site with additional information related to my trip and my fundraising efforts.  If possible, I will be using this page as a blog/journal while I am away so that I can keep everyone updated with my experiences in South Africa.

Please consider donating by visiting the donate page or clicking the “Donate” button to the right.  Without support from my friends and family this adventure would not be possible so I thank you in advance for your generosity.


3 thoughts on “Volunteer South Africa

  1. Hey

    This is interesting, which program on the are you doing in Cape Town? Looking forward to hearing more about you adventures.


  2. Sully!

    I am SO excited for you. This experience is definitely going to change your life. I can’t wait to hear your stories.


  3. @Howard…. I don’t know the exact program I’ll be doing over there yet. I find out 1-3 weeks before i depart. I am pretty sure i’ll be placed in a school based on my background in education. I’ll be sure to post when i find out, as well as my mailing address.

    @Deeker…. I’m stoked your excited! I am also super excited. In fact this may be the first time in my life i’ve actually been excited for summer to be over! I hope you and a bunch of others continue to follow me while i’m over there so i can share my experiences with everyone. You’ll have to be my biggest supporter back home and help keep people interested (and donating haha) while im gone! I’m looking forward to sending you your first post card from me =) Pace out

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